She's Keen To Feed

by Red 40 & The Last Groovement

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I called your number thinking that would be fine Then I got lucky if you stayed on the line Gotta lotta things to do, not a one is you Message received, this time that piece won’t be mine Boy, don’t be stupid, she just wants to bone You know it’s better than sleeping alone Boy, don’t miss your chance Watch the way I dance Smile as you ease into me You’ll ease into her Keep me in your mind Don’t act like you’re blind You’ll like what I’m giving to you She’ll give it to you Cuz we coulda been sleeping together by now I’ll leave you lonely if that’s what turns you on You’ll serve me breakfast but by then I’ll be gone Extra scrambled eggs for you, turkey bacon too Just this, I’m yours ‘til I decide that I’m done Let’s keep it simple, boy, you don’t have to run Cuz gettin’ some is better than gettin’ none Oh baby, we both know Oh baby baby, it’s just part of my show That I’ll get what I want Split when I need She’s got better places she needs to be
I got a crush on you What’s a girl to do? It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to go insane I’ve got a thing for you Haven’t figured out what I’m gonna do Maybe, baby, you should come over and I could practice on you It’s true, you’re what I want to do On cue, I made it all about you So, it’s a crush We could make it more Don’t drag me around the floor Cuz then I’ll get a rug burn and not in the way that I want to If you catch my drift I got high on my own supply, you want a lift? Now listen, baby Don’t make this weird (Called the doctor) And don’t tell me you don’t like labels (Said put it in me) Cuz look, I’m ready to commit I got an IUD I’ll be crushed, sweet baby If you don’t text me back Get ready for my love attack At my worst I’m crazy, at my best it’s sexy It’s up to you Do you want to screw? Just as quick as I switch lipstick I’ll find someone new
Things that make me feel like a woman Interlacing my toes with my lover’s fingers Sweating deodorant on my little black dress Parallel parking Getting pickled fish fat stuck in my teeth Petting my own leg hair Shaking baby powder into my panties and shoes Licking a q-tip before putting in my ear Walking in loud shoes Leaving more lipstick on the mic than on my mouth Eating the garnish Shedding Chafing Flirting Moisturizing Pulling one of my long hairs, grown from my scalp Out from between my butt cheeks Judith Butler IUD Pain RuPaul Fixing my bra strap Proxis Because you know what? She’s keen to feed
Pillowbrain 03:59
Well, it’s ok to flirt if your feet are hurting (It’s ok, it’s ok) Especially when your own bed you are deserting (Hit the hay, hit the hay) So, find a good man with some nice shiny shoes Cuz you can bet his sheets are cleaned up and nice And dock your sleep ship to his bed submarine Together you’ll fight off the bed bugs and lice Gotta get a pillow, gotta get a pillow, get a pillow Don’t get stuck inside your Pillowbrain It’s messed up inside your mattress frame But what if you get there and he wants some lovin’ (Not okay, not okay) Away from the boudoir on your clothes he is tuggin’ (Step away, step away) Here’s what you say in this situation Well if you keep on humpin’ up against the wall You know your pants are gonna wear out So come lay atop of this cushion with me It just so happens it’s a pillowtop Well the clubs weren’t made for some Sleepy McGee’s But your ‘partment is so damn far away Your eyelids are heavy, but luckily for you It looks like winking from some distance away Shit, goddamn. I’m gonna ride that honey-pony
You peed on me and told me it’s raining, baby Made me believe you had it all happening for me So, I’ll twist that knife and I’ll stir you on up Do you miss me? It’s hard to talk past that lump This is what you get when you brought it on down Now arriving, Population: 1, in Sad Sack Town Gonna make you sit your ass in the corner Get on your knees and beg Crawl this way, baby, and tell me you’re sorry you’re rotten on the inside I’ll forgive you, maybe When I think you’ve had enough But, for now, to be honest I like it when you cry You fucked up Hands down your pants, what are you looking for there? I helped enhance it, but now you don’t have a prayer Call me up, let it ring Know that I want that to sting I’m with him, he’s with me Next time we’re out, I’ll make sure you see My friends say I should be more nice, that being mean is just my vice But feeling shit is scary, so I’ll stay as cold as ice I thought our friendship would right all the wrongs But that something special, it feels like it’s gone Is the problem with me? Do I make him feel confused? Why did you have to take me home? Why did you have to let me stay? Why did you have to lay me down on your bed, with your hand under my head? Because you’re rotten on the inside I’ll forgive you, maybe When I think you’ve had enough But, for now, to be honest I like it when you cry You fucked me, then you fucked me over Fuck you
You know, sometimes you give into your own personal Proxis And your appetite gets ruined and your woman mind gets small And you have to say to yourself, “Listen, Bitch.” I ain’t gon do this no more I’m out, you can do what you want to This “is” is a “once was” Act One’s done And I’m moving onto Act Two without you Boo hoo? Naw, baby baby, merci beaucoup See I ain’t gonna do this, Ain’t going through this game of clueless lewdness Can’t solve a useless Rubik’s with your mind when your heart is a Brutus Sayin, “One more time, do the line, act now, pay the fine, gettin’ mine ain’t a crime” I’m worth a hundred dollars but I’ll settle for a dime When I’m frontin’ like it’s nothin’ with my hand on your spine saying: Shhhh! Tonite you’re in luck, see Tonite, don’t talk, just fuck me Tonite, shh shh, just fuck me Tonite, shh shh, just fuck Tonite, shh shh, just Tonite, shh shh Tonite, shh, What? No, I ain’t gon do this no more! Dry your eyes, take a breath, and quit crying for something you think you don’t have The 110% woman just left without paying her tab It better be worth it to watch me go Let me tell you a secret, kid I could get more than you could ever give Furthermore, what’s worse, is wasting time with you is a sin no one could forgive I won’t ask for it back you can keep it But, I hope it hurts Call me luscious? I’m vicious, malicious Can’t quit this You’ll wish this was that You already come running, but I’m cooking meat so I cut off the fat It’s the cavewoman diet, so no sugar Ain’t nothing sweet Made me small to fit inside your heart, but this big bitch is bustin’ on out You’re a magician, but I’m a logician Can’t trick me, all I have is doubt that you ever cared for me for one minute So, I hope it hurts
Market Store 01:22
Caught you doing what you’re not supposed to do Caught you saying what you’re not supposed to say What’d you do? Where’d you go when you took it away? What’d you see? How’d it be when you made it this way? Smooth me down Pulled my hair out trying to make you come home Stuck my chin out saying lies on the phone to my mom to my dad Saying things aren’t that bad Jesus Christ, who am I? And what kind of man would do nothing for a lady so mistreated And not treat her just the way she needs it? Please let me win and win and make me sin and grin So that I won’t feel so defeated Smooth me down We’re keepin’ it groovin’ I need some soothin’ You know you’re slippin’ off my body cuz I keep it movin’ And if we can’t hold hands, I think we’re losin’ My rough edges need smoothin’ Now, I don’t know Whether I’m ready or not Whether I like what you got Whether your hands really can cool a body that’s hot It’s not my plan to try and understand The power of touch is in demand But every now and then I’m like, “Goddamn!” Maybe I’m a woman who can stand tall without a man Maybe I’m a lady going crazy in the quicksand Taking all my feelings to the page and the page to the stage Maybe being in this band is like being handed keys to the cage and they come from the fans Maybe you’re the only ones who understand Just for tonight, that it might need a whole damn room of hands Just to what? Just to what? Just to smooth me down?
Young man didn’t know what he wanted ‘Til he saw me on the side of the road “What’s your name? Sexy face! Smile, sweetie! Don’t you want a man to take you home?” Catcall Minding my business he stops me as if I care Too bad when it comes to following through this dick’s dick is scarce Now I know what you wanted Yell loud cuz you’re haunted By your sad little privates So your mouth gets big Don’t be a lion when you’re a lamb Young man had a dream, ran for office So he put on a suit and a tie Made a name, shook some hands, chased the honors Said the words even when they were a lie He’s gay! Republican ninny, you’re hiding behind a flag Come out! The rainbow is red, white, and blue Purple, pink and fag Hate gays because they’re happy Pass laws so they can’t marry Cuz it’s easier to hide when you won’t come out Don’t be a lion when you’re a lamb Little men make big choices Selfish boys given voices But they act from their privates and not their hearts Don’t be a lion when you’re a lamb
Cannibal 03:50
You looked like you were sleeping, my little baby doll Making not a peep and moving not at all At the foot of my bed Curled up in a ball There was no funeral for Fido No gravestone to carve No puppies to howl at your plot No pastor to preach on your pulpit of pooch Roll over “Just put him in the freezer” What kind of roommate says that? But nothing would not please her I think I’ll kill her cat She took you away Threw you into the bay Lay down Arf. I. P.
Where you think you’re going, baby Not looking like you’re gonna get very far You see me comin’ I got exciting things to show you But first you gotta hop your butt into my car I’ll get you hummin’ Get into my car, babe In my car, babe Get into my car, babe In my car You’re sweating off your t-shirt We know what’s next Got the ice cubes cracking Use them for sex The mint on my breath and the gel in your hair We’ll rub it all off spinnin’ round down there Cheap polyester but my ass looks nice Won’t take much to take you I entice you Despite your smartness you’re inside Cuz it was cheap polyester but my ass looked nice Fuckin’ in my car, babe In my car, babe Fuckin’ in my car, babe In my car Now there’s sex in the air and a bulge in your jeans Urgently beep the horn Now you know what it means You got my trunk unlocked, my rack is on top But you won’t know what hit you cuz this ride don’t stop Try to roll off but I got you now Thought the female’s simple, I won’t allow You to cum off, wipe off, take off quick Got your secrets while the melody sticks Killed you in my car, babe In my car, babe Killed you in my car, babe In my car Yea, sure, buy me a drink It costs more than you think And then before you blink I’ll get you, then I’ll fuck you, then I’ll kill you in my car But first get into my car, babe In my car, babe Get into my car, babe In my car
Ladies, are you tall and you don’t play basketball? Takes a minute just to fall? Me too! When there’s nothing left to do, grab your 6-inch platform shoes That’s the tallness you can choose and I do Boogaloo has shoes and her shoes are so high She’s gonna kick you Boogaloo has shoes on her feet, on her shins, on her thighs, wonder why? She’s gonna kick you in the face
I’m comin’ to getchu Don’t you know it? You’ll wish that I hadn’t met you but it’s too late now So I’m comin’ to find you You can’t run you can’t hide, you Cuz I’m comin’ to getchu Don’t mess with fire and hairspray You’ll surely get the horns Now on your back you will lay Ex-lovers they will mourn So I’m comin’ to find you You can’t run you can’t hide, you Watch out, Proxis! I’m going to kill your fucking face I bet you don’t expect it I bet you’re drinking tea But fool, you don’t know shit Shouldn’t have fucked with me So I’m comin’ to find you You can’t run, you can’t hide, you Watch out, Proxis! I’m going to kill your fucking face
Ho, hey! Red 40 is here today So you know the funk is on the way We got a stanky-ass tune to play So get down, the Groovement is here to stay. We are the Groovement And we keep it fresh Just let us know if you wanna go Up to the stars or Down below the sea All night long here with Red 40 Funk bass, Professor Doobie Jones Gonna school your hips with low and funky tones Say “Hey, Doobie Jones!” Dickie Sweats, this farmer gets our temperature to rise His guitar plays in sticky ways like Momma’s cherry pies Say “Hey, Dickie Sweats!” Here Comes Dr. Stank Face to cure your wants and ills We’ve all got the sickness and the doctor’s got the pills Hey, Doc! Talkin’ bout Uncle Meat Ain’t no shoes on his feet But he can play a funky beat Sonic protein treat to eat Say “Hey, Uncle Meat!” Judge Fudge, The Orbital Arbiter His horn will blow you to Jupiter Say “Hey, Judge Fudge!” Like a hair dryer in the water He’ll electrocute your daughter His name is Hot Moist Tooth Hey, Tooth! Go go go Tambo, her ammo is sitting on your dicks Like Rambo she’ll scramble you into fishy sticks Say “Hey, Tambo!” Boogaloo Borine sings to stratospheric heights She’s stacked as hell and you can tell she looks damn good in them tights Say “Hey, Boogaloo!” Candy Scrapple, raised by squirrels Hair on fire, now she twirls Hey, Scrapple! Everybody say, “Hey, Red 40!” I’m the chemical reaction that’s got you dancin’ No time for romancin’ I’m the dye left on your fingers I’m the drum thump that lingers Got the note that broke the glass Got that groove that shook your ass Cuz I’m Red 40 She brought us together We’re the Last Groovement forever


released October 29, 2016


all rights reserved



Red 40 & The Last Groovement

RED 40 & THE LAST GROOVEMENT is Philadelphia’s celebrated & outrageous funk-pop, clown supergroup. The band performs at some of Philadelphia’s premiere venues alongside the likes of Martha Graham Cracker and Johnny Showcase. They held a residency performing monthly shows at FringeArts, where they remain the house band. ... more

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