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You know, sometimes you give into your own personal Proxis
And your appetite gets ruined and your woman mind gets small
And you have to say to yourself, “Listen, Bitch.”
I ain’t gon do this no more

I’m out, you can do what you want to
This “is” is a “once was”
Act One’s done
And I’m moving onto Act Two without you
Boo hoo? Naw, baby baby, merci beaucoup
See I ain’t gonna do this,
Ain’t going through this game of clueless lewdness
Can’t solve a useless Rubik’s with your mind when your heart is a Brutus
Sayin, “One more time, do the line, act now, pay the fine, gettin’ mine ain’t a crime”
I’m worth a hundred dollars but I’ll settle for a dime
When I’m frontin’ like it’s nothin’ with my hand on your spine saying:

Shhhh! Tonite you’re in luck, see
Tonite, don’t talk, just fuck me
Tonite, shh shh, just fuck me
Tonite, shh shh, just fuck
Tonite, shh shh, just
Tonite, shh shh
Tonite, shh, What?
No, I ain’t gon do this no more!

Dry your eyes, take a breath, and quit crying for something you think you don’t have
The 110% woman just left without paying her tab
It better be worth it to watch me go
Let me tell you a secret, kid
I could get more than you could ever give
Furthermore, what’s worse, is wasting time with you is a sin no one could forgive
I won’t ask for it back you can keep it
But, I hope it hurts

Call me luscious? I’m vicious, malicious
Can’t quit this
You’ll wish this was that
You already come running, but I’m cooking meat so I cut off the fat
It’s the cavewoman diet, so no sugar
Ain’t nothing sweet
Made me small to fit inside your heart, but this big bitch is bustin’ on out You’re a magician, but I’m a logician
Can’t trick me, all I have is doubt that you ever cared for me for one minute
So, I hope it hurts


from She's Keen To Feed, released October 29, 2016


all rights reserved



Red 40 & The Last Groovement

RED 40 & THE LAST GROOVEMENT is Philadelphia’s celebrated & outrageous funk-pop, clown supergroup. The band performs at some of Philadelphia’s premiere venues alongside the likes of Martha Graham Cracker and Johnny Showcase. They held a residency performing monthly shows at FringeArts, where they remain the house band. ... more

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