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Caught you doing what you’re not supposed to do
Caught you saying what you’re not supposed to say
What’d you do?
Where’d you go when you took it away?
What’d you see?
How’d it be when you made it this way? Smooth me down

Pulled my hair out trying to make you come home
Stuck my chin out saying lies on the phone to my mom to my dad
Saying things aren’t that bad
Jesus Christ, who am I?
And what kind of man would do nothing for a lady so mistreated
And not treat her just the way she needs it?
Please let me win and win and make me sin and grin
So that I won’t feel so defeated
Smooth me down

We’re keepin’ it groovin’
I need some soothin’
You know you’re slippin’ off my body cuz I keep it movin’
And if we can’t hold hands, I think we’re losin’
My rough edges need smoothin’
Now, I don’t know
Whether I’m ready or not
Whether I like what you got
Whether your hands really can cool a body that’s hot
It’s not my plan to try and understand
The power of touch is in demand
But every now and then I’m like, “Goddamn!”
Maybe I’m a woman who can stand tall without a man
Maybe I’m a lady going crazy in the quicksand
Taking all my feelings to the page and the page to the stage
Maybe being in this band is like being handed keys to the cage
and they come from the fans
Maybe you’re the only ones who understand
Just for tonight, that it might need a whole damn room of hands
Just to what?
Just to what?
Just to smooth me down?


from She's Keen To Feed, released October 29, 2016


all rights reserved



Red 40 & The Last Groovement

RED 40 & THE LAST GROOVEMENT is Philadelphia’s celebrated & outrageous funk-pop, clown supergroup. The band performs at some of Philadelphia’s premiere venues alongside the likes of Martha Graham Cracker and Johnny Showcase. They held a residency performing monthly shows at FringeArts, where they remain the house band. ... more

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